Our management philosophy at Black Fountain Capital is based on three pillars that shape our organization and business operations

Identifying global investment opportunities and trends

We strongly believe that value can be created by analyzing and anticipating global trends. Our members constantly follow new tendencies on a global scale, to determine the right moment and sector of investment. We are continuously screening and short listing multiple investment targets, while having a strong focus on investments in Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

In this context, Black Fountain Capital as a wealth management organization is open to evaluate investment proposals in early stage (Seed and Series A) that demonstrate the potential to disrupt entire industries and create sustainable value.

Analytical assessment of complex investments

We follow a stringent analytical approach in every decision we take and have achieved to break down complex wealth management decisions into its most relevant components. Potential investment targets are thoroughly analyzed and evaluated against a pre-defined set of criteria which we have identified as key value drivers. This fact driven, yet pragmatic approach helps us to take quick but sound decisions even in complex and volatile environments.

Operational optimization and strategic growth management

At Black Fountain Capital, we believe that most value is created by actively shaping our portfolio companies. We see most potential for active value creation in undervalued medium sized businesses, in which our expertise and a wide network of industry experts help us to achieve above-average growth. Our operational team gets actively involved in strategic decisions and accompanies our portfolio companies in crucial operational projects to lead them to full potential.


Geneva Headquarter:
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